October Lunch Club at The Carlile Room

It’s time to eat! And with one of my all-time favorites, Chef Dezi Bonow. You might remember the completely off-the-hook lunch he did for us at Palace Kitchen, that spring day we started with oysters and vodka and ended with foodies leaving through the open windows...

Now rocking The Carlile Room, Dezi is opening up for our re-inaugural Lunch Club. Here are the details so far, more soon on the special menu and beverage pairing he’s creating for us.

Where: The Carlile Room
Address: 820 Pine Street (diagonal from the Paramount Theater)
When: Thursday, October 4th, 11:30am
Cost: $60 (plus tax, tip, & drinks)

Meanwhile, please check out the plan to feed others while we feed ourselves...

Seattle Foodies Lunch Club is back with a mission

I’m excited about a new idea: feeding others in need while we feed ourselves.

Food Lifeline is a terrific organization, distributing nearly 100,000 meals a day through 300 partner organizations. Through a brilliant surplus food and logistics donation program, 96 cents out of every dollar goes directly to feeding hungry people. That means every dollar donated becomes four meals for a person in need. (No wonder Tom Douglas sits proudly on their board.)

Because everyone’s changing schedules makes the reservation side of our events a bit zany, let’s turn that insanity (and our self-indulgence) into a force for good.

Here’s how:

  1. To join an event, RSVP via email.
  2. If there's room, I'll send you the link to our Food Lifeline donation page. Make the minimum (tax-deductible) donation per seat within 2 days and you're in. Then while you eat, so will forty others (or more… that’s up to you).
  3. If you can’t make it, we’ll miss you. And when someone else donates to get your seat, forty more people will eat.

Simple. And now for some sad math history. Had we only done this before, our past lunches would have fed 2,000 - 3,000 people each.

Let me know what you think!

First Friday Lunches Rekindling for a Good Cause

It's been too long since our last Seattle Foodies First Friday Lunch Club, which is killing me for two reasons. One is that I just plain miss all of you, and the second is that Seattle has been exploding with amazing new joints to try. So stay tuned for a new series of Friday lunches beginning in August, after the dust from camp has settled.

Also, I'd like your feedback on something new:

Last year I did a bit of volunteering for Food Lifeline, which was a ton of fun and gave a first-hand view of their terrific organization. Quick stats: they distribute 82,000 meals a day, they served 4.5 million meals to 3/4 million people through 275 partner food banks last year, and they're amazingly efficient: 97 cents out of every dollar goes directly to feeding people, meaning each dollar in becomes four meals for a person in need. (No wonder Tom Douglas sits proudly on their board.)

Because our super-fast-sell-out lunches lunches create a touch of reservation insanity for me, rather than charging a fee (which would take all the fun out of it), I had this better idea: while we're feeding ourselves, why not feed a few others as well?

Here's how it'll work: if you'd like to come to lunch, RSVP via email as before. If there's room, I'll send you the link to our Food Lifeline donation page. Make a tax-deductible $10 donation per seat within 2 days and you're in. Then while you eat, so will forty others.

I just tried the donation process, and it's super simple. Let me know what you think!

September Friday Lunch Club at Shanik

If you've ever traveled to Canada to stand in line at one of Vikram Vij's amazing Indian joints in Vancouver, then you still remember the happy dance you did last November when his partner and cookbook co-author Meeru Dhalwala opened Shanik in South Lake Union. The delicious warmth of her cuisine isn't just in the palette of fresh roasted and ground spices, but from the way Meeru connects personally through her menu, with a passion for self-expression and sharing.

So we're thrilled that she will be preparing a special Seattle Foodies lunch that will range across her lunch and dinner menus, plus one or two items she's experimenting with (and hoping to get our feedback). She'll be on hand talk about the dishes and the philosophy behind her food. If you were lucky enough to be at Summer Camp, here's a chance for a second dose of her amazing energy.

Update: The menu is in!

Shanik Foodies Lunch

In the lounge, before seating

Moong and Masur Lentil and Potato Pakoras
Papri Chaat
(sprouted black chickpeas and mung beans on wheat crisp)

Date/Tamarind and Mint/Mango Chutneys


Beet Bites with Candied Walnuts
Spice Encrusted Lamb Popsicles with Coconut Curry
Split Pea and Spinach Mash
Goat Curry on Barley Pilaf
Marinated and Grilled, Spiced Kale with Paneer 

Dessert, choice of

Chickpea and Cream Custard with Spiced Rum
Coconut Pudding

Wine Pairings



Where: Shanik 

Address: 500 Terry Avenue North
When: Friday, September 6th, 1:30pm
Cost: $40 (plus tax, tip, & drinks)

NOTE: we're starting at 1:30pm for a late, leisurely afternoon.

Please so let me know if you can join us!

August Friday Lunch Club at The Coterie Room

Tom Douglas Summer Camp is barely over and though I'm still digesting, I'm already looking forward to August's lunch. 

I just got the thumbs-up from The Coterie Room, the third project by Dana Tough and Brian McCracken.

Their first two "bars" (Spur Gastropub and Tavern Law) have picked off awards like Gayot's Top-5 Rising Chefs, Food & Wine's People's Best Chefs, GQ's Best 25 Bars in America, Conde Nast Traveler's Hot List of the world's best restaurants, The Daily Beast's Hot New Restaurant, among many others.

The Coterie Room is a full-on restaurant, boosting American classic dishes into the stratosphere using molecular techniques. Not for gimmick or show like so many lesser joints, but with deft, almost invisible, application. And the results are incredible. 

Quick update: I just received the draft menu from The Coterie Room. Here's what they're thinking:

The Coterie Room Foodies Lunch

Beef Tartare
Jardinière. Salt Cured Egg Yolk. Wild Watercress.
Tomato Salad
Cucumbers. Caperberries. Ricotta Salata. Picholine Olive Vinaigrette.
Roasted Lamb Ribs
Creamed Corn. Watermelon Salad.
Black Pepper Shortcake
Pence Peaches. Bourbon Ice Cream. Smoky Peach Gel.
Wine Pairings: TBA 


Where: The Coterie Room
Address: 2137 2nd Avenue
When:  Friday, August 2nd, 11:30am
Cost: $40 (plus tax, tip, & drinks)

If you're drooling like I am, don't worry: they can seat 80. There's still plenty of room… so let me know if you can join us!

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