It's been too long since our last Seattle Foodies First Friday Lunch Club, which is killing me for two reasons. One is that I just plain miss all of you, and the second is that Seattle has been exploding with amazing new joints to try. So stay tuned for a new series of Friday lunches beginning in August, after the dust from camp has settled.

Also, I'd like your feedback on something new:

Last year I did a bit of volunteering for Food Lifeline, which was a ton of fun and gave a first-hand view of their terrific organization. Quick stats: they distribute 82,000 meals a day, they served 4.5 million meals to 3/4 million people through 275 partner food banks last year, and they're amazingly efficient: 97 cents out of every dollar goes directly to feeding people, meaning each dollar in becomes four meals for a person in need. (No wonder Tom Douglas sits proudly on their board.)

Because our super-fast-sell-out lunches lunches create a touch of reservation insanity for me, rather than charging a fee (which would take all the fun out of it), I had this better idea: while we're feeding ourselves, why not feed a few others as well?

Here's how it'll work: if you'd like to come to lunch, RSVP via email as before. If there's room, I'll send you the link to our Food Lifeline donation page. Make a tax-deductible $10 donation per seat within 2 days and you're in. Then while you eat, so will forty others.

I just tried the donation process, and it's super simple. Let me know what you think!

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