Besides eating, Seattle Foodies love learning, challenges, and fun. If that sounds like you, one of our plunges might just be the ticket. We start with an ambitious menu, add a couple dozen diners, throw in a few local chefs as coaches and critics, and then take the plunge.

It’s all about advance planning and prep, awesome ingredients, amazing wine pairings (relying on the geniuses at Pike and Western), developing a deeper understanding of the foods we’re dealing with, and having fun. We share knowledge, techniques, kitchen tools, service ware, and split the costs.

No minimum skills required, just a good attitude and desire to learn. If you’re interested, you might want to check out a  recent plunge . If you’re new to Seattle Foodies, please come to a  First Friday Lunch  or a dining out event so you can meet us and learn more about the next plunge.

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